Day: June 15, 2022

Glass and candle experiment

Glass and Candle Experiment

My prediction is that the flame will just blow out

Equipment you will need:

  • Glass Cup   – Glass Plate   – Candle 
  • Matches   –  Warm Water / Color Dye


  • First you want to grab all of the equipment you need: Cup, Plate, Candle, Matches, Warm water and Color dye.

  • Secondly you want to grab the plate and the candle, what you want to do with that is to light the bottom of the candle so it sticks to the middle of the plate.

  • When that’s done you want to put warm water or dye on to the plate.

  • Next you want to use the matches to light up the candle.

  • Genuinely put the glass cup over the lighted candle.

  • Then see your prediction and see if you were right.