Ping Pong ball Experiment

Title: Having Fun With Hair Dryers



The purpose is to understand the air pressure.


Hypothesis/Prediction (What I think will happen and why?)


M: I think that the ball will fall off every time you tilt or move the hair dryer.

K: I think that the ball will lose balance (fall off) at times.

J: I think that the ball will float higher and higher.




  • Hair dryer   –  Ping pong ball




  • First you want to plug in your hair dryer and turn it on. 
  • Secondly you want to place the ball on top of the hair dryer.
  • Next you just want to turn it on and see what will happen.
  • Then check your prediction and see what really happened




K: The ball did fall off because we couldn’t keep the hair drier still. So the air coming out of the hair drier was moving in a different direction. 



K: To keep the ball up in the air, the hair drier must be kept in one place. 

One thought on “Ping Pong ball Experiment

  1. Hi Morgan, I really like the way you have written up this experiment – it makes it very easy to follow – ka pai! I hope you enjoyed carrying out the experiment – I think science is a lot of fun. The results can be surprising and it’s a great way to learn about how the world works.

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